Mathematical melodrama was presented at the SFA Texas National Juried Competition & Exhibition. There was pronounced passion as clusters of comely art devotees interspaced among a gaggle of creative expression we call art at the Cole Art Center in downtown Nacogdoches on April 14.

The mélange provided was well received. Alicia and I circled the exhibit multiple times seeking to view the second place winner to no avail until an aide told us it was not on the wall! We were mesmerized by a mathematical marvel that enthralled our eyes and our minds. Other worthy works were noted, but we were both captivated by the tangle of hued triangles that even formed some shadow triangles on its pedestal! This unique thought provoking work challenged us to elucidate its message.

Make time to treat your eyes to a visual feast of colors, shapes and textures and stop by to support SFA Fine Arts and unravel artful mysteries for yourself.