Volunteers Needed

#CodeBlackAndGold Do you have time to make a difference in the lives of our students? Emeline Carpenter Elementary and Fredonia Elementary are looking for volunteers!

Join me as a volunteer at Carpenter!
Erin Watson (936)-569-5070 ext. 6281 (English)
Maria Moreno (936)-569-5070 ext. 6281 (Spanish)

To volunteer at Fredonia, call:
Holly Elder (936)-569-5080 ext. 6775 (English)
Dalia Reyes (936)-569-5080 ext. 6777 (Spanish)

Volunteers are needed for a variety of service projects!
*Assist with school gardening
*contribute through painting/drawing/art
*Participate in beautification projects
*Provide carpentry/construction
*Help with decorating
*Sponsor after school clubs
*Partner in service projects
*Cook or bake
*Plan/organize/work events
*Be a mentor
*Read to a class or read with a student, one-on-one
*Serve duty (lunch, car, bus)
*Provide childcare
*Assist with a small group (reading, math)
*Raise money/find sponsors
*Help in the library or in the classroom
*Design inside/outside areas
*Assist with appreciation committees
*Provide at-home help
*Share a special talent/skill/resource

With your help we can work together to provide better education for our children. I vow to devote my time to this, but Nacogdoches children and teachers need you, too!