Seeing The Public Servant
-thanking Todd Stallings

A busy, popular psychiatrist is interrupted by a light tapping on his office door. Impatiently, the doctor asks, “Who is it?”  

“The secretary, sir.” 

“Well, come in, I guess.”

“What do you want now?” 

“We have an emergency patient in our waiting room.” 

“Have you screened the patient as per protocol?’’ 

“Yes, sir,” meekly replies the secretary. 

“So, what’s wrong with this patient?” queries the doctor impatiently. 

“Sir, the patient thinks he is invisible.”

The doctors mumbles and taps his pen on the desk and replies, “Tell him I can’t see him!”

A good secretary is uber competent to see what is going on, but are we seeing?  There have been a number of small elections with only a few candidates, and some grumbling has been heard about “just doing these at one time.” 

Todd Stallings is a hard-working, competent public servant who is following election laws to be certain that each and every election is carried out fairly for the benefit of the candidates and our community.  He comes early, stays late, and goes beyond so that we can be confident in our local elections. 

Thank you, Todd Stallings, for what you do in serving us, your community.  There are many public servants who maybe haven’t been “seen” in a while.  How about we thank them for their service or offer other words of encouragement?  Isn’t it great to be “seen” once in a while?