Digital vs Analog Education

Do you remember Polaroid “instant” photos?  You took a photo and it self developed in a few minutes while you blew on it and wiggled it, and you were pleased to see some image so quickly.  Digital photos are so instantaneous, just a second to see who blinked in the photo.  What about analog photos?   Put a roll of film in a camera, shoot up the whole roll, rewind and mail, or carry to the store to develop in a few days or overnight for much more.  We are not so patient these days about what we want to see.

So is education one or the other?  Can we expect each student to instantaneously understand each concept he/she is taught?  I suspect not, or education could be done in days or months, not years.  Then, what is the point?  The photographer and the camera count in the quality of the photo and its “depth of field.”  Teachers do this.  They see more than many can see in each subject, the individual student. Over time and with great expertise, they gradually change the “student” photo in skill, thought  process and knowledge.  What masterpieces they develop!  You are the product of this gradual process we call education, and so are our Nacogdoches students.  So, our teachers will utilize each day to get each student advancing for 12  or more years.  What treasures – teachers and students.  We love you all!

TC. Grohman, M.D.